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Complications of Spine Fractures, Health Channel

Unstable fracture is a type of fracture where the human spines is no longer able to support daily activities. Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains some of the complications of fractures such as limited movement, worsening back pain and decrease in height, among others.


Complications of Spine Fractures, Health Channel

So what are some complications that a patient might experience with a fracture dr. Bruce Manik well that’s a scary topic because an unstable fracture is a type of fracture where the human spine is no longer able to support our sort of daily perturbations so that means that patients can have worsening back pain they’ll have difficulty moving around they’ll have difficulty getting out of bed loss of height is associated with worsening deformity that means that long term there’s going to be issues and stooped posture comes with that as well so as you lose the height of the spine patients end up sort of bent forward and then the worst the scariest one is nerve damage nice so if it is a burst fracture variant then these patients could lose bowel or bladder function they could lose their ability to walk and more commonly than that tell just have significant pain going down their legs is that nerve damage reversible if there is pain and numbness yes once numbness turns to weakness I try to keep my patients expectations low in other words at that point it’s still possible to help them right but I like for them to know that it will take a lot longer for the motor function to come back right so I took is the longer it’s compressed the longer it will take to come back you

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