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Consequences of Tongue-Tie |

Consequences of Tongue-Tie, Health Channel

Having a tongue-tie can lead to problems for the nutrition of the baby. Dr. Leslie Haller, General Dentist with Tongue Tie South Florida, talks about these hazards, like having babies full of gas, hungry and crying all the time.


Consequences of Tongue-Tie, Health Channel

Jennifer can it be a life changing I mean life life-threatening I’m sorry can the tongue-tie be life-threatening on its own not necessarily but I think the problems that can come along with an untreated tongue-tie specifically one that’s maybe very severe right for babies who are you know very poor feeders and are not gaining weight it’s crucial to brain development so you know depending on the severity and how it’s affecting that particular baby because everybody every baby is differently so it can cause you know some significant health issues doctor howler can you add to that well it’s really true I I see in two broad categories of infants I either see what I call the fussy babies or the sleepy babies so the fussy babies are the ones that are full of gas and they’re hungry and they’re just crying all the time right and then the sleepy babies are the ones that aren’t consuming enough calories to even cry right so energy they don’t have the energy and so for both cases helping them be able to eat to feed is is key for helping them get better so you release the fruit frenectomy or you do the frenectomy release the frenum and the the cryin fussy babies all of a sudden are getting enough to eat and they’re not having so much gas and it’s so much reflux the sleepy baby babies are getting enough to eat and they’re not sleeping so much so it is it’s one of those things where it’s it’s they’re not getting enough calories

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