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Benefits of Using Natural Mouthwash |

The recommendations of the American Dental Association are that people floss first and brush for two minutes. Then always after each brushing, people should always rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash for at least 30 seconds.
Diana Perez-Caballero, Lead Dental Hygienist with SOMI Dental Group, shows an organic and prescription-strength mouthwash which she recommends to her patients, either if they’re allergic to a specific component. This mouthwash is completely organic, has essential oils and a specific antibacterial plan in it.
Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, CEO & General Dentist with SOMI Dental Group, explains nowadays people are more educated about their dental health.


Now mouthwash should you do the toothbrush and the mouthwash at the same time in other words brush your teeth first and then do the mouth I feel so good look to the mouthwash after well the general recommendations for the dental American Dental Association are that you floss first you brush for two minutes and then always after each you know brushing you always rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash for at least 30 seconds if it’s a medicated mouthwash like I said before your hygienist might want you to rinse for a little longer like a minute because that helps to eliminate all the bacteria all right let’s talk about this right here what is this well this happened because we were starting to see the need for something more organic or more you know homeopathic solution to oral health you know that there is like a movement now that people don’t want chemicals in their systems and stuff like that so we started to research this line which is actually made here in America and it’s a prescription-strength mouthwash I recommend it to my patients that they’re either allergic to a specific component that the regular you know prescription-strength mouth washes you know they’re allergic they can’t have it or they have they’re pregnant for example right or they don’t want their teeth to stain because some of those mouthwash is stained this is a solution it’s really really really good and it’s completely organic Oly houses essential oils and a specific antibacterial plan in it which is what helps you with eliminating the bacteria Oh fantastic something I’ve always wondered is for example my parents have cavities and my brother and I don’t and we haven’t done anything differently than my parents did so is a lot of a genetic doctor it can be genetic I think nowadays has become just about education so before older generations didn’t grow up with shows like today or and they didn’t grow up with their parents telling them it is how you floss you go to the dentist every six months it just wasn’t part of like the culture and I think that now we’ve grown into a more basically a preventative culture and so everyone education we always talk about hey go to the dentist to prevent things happening before people would go to the dentist when something happened so it’s it’s just kind of evolved in a way you

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