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Cool Sculpting vs. Liposuction |

Cool sculpting can be used for improving the arm and Tanya Patron, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery, explains how it improves the area just with one session of cool sculpting.
She explains the norm is two sessions, but if her patients are very fit, one session is enough.
Dr. Max Polo, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, affirms liposuction is the most common surgical option for treating fat.
The expert explains, with an imaging, how liposuction is performed.


Talk to us a little bit about these before-and-after’s that we’re gonna see I think we’re seeing the arm first right so this was that first applicator and a flat one that I was using Wow this is just with one treatment and really when you kind of hang your arm in this position it’s really hard to like we don’t walk around like this obviously but you can really see the hang of the fat and the weight of it and then with just one session of CoolSculpting we can tighten that up and their arm is in the same position so we don’t have any rotational changes here with the before and after photos how many sessions do you usually do I typically tell all my patients two sessions is the norm however if they’re very fit and we’re treating them and we can get by with one treatment and then we stop there so it really depends on when they return to see me after three months I’ll reassess them and determine how much fat is left over and how our treatment will be adjusted so this is a male patient that we treated his entire abdomen incredible yeah so he got a lot more definition there and interestingly his weight was the same so sometimes it’s a matter of getting rid of what is drawing your attention and you’re grabbing focus as opposed to overall weight loss so we can help with that with the CoolSculpting that’s your elastic now we want to talk about the surgical options and what are some of the surgical options available as we said we mentioned that we can do them pretty much anywhere except like the under the knee and that’s fine so what are some that are very common to do well primarily liposuction and if we’re treating just fat or primarily fat liposuction is going to be the procedure so you know always with accumulation of fat there’ll be a little expansion of the skin when we perform liposuction or even with CoolSculpting or the Cabella which we mentioned earlier there will always be some degree of skin contraction to improve the contour so we don’t have that leftover skin excess so graphic showing us a doctor pull up you can explain this to us and for our viewers at home what are we looking at well this is just showing the reduction of the of the fat layer now you know with these non-surgical procedures we don’t expect that we’re gonna get a hundred percent reduction and the fat within the applicator we’re gonna get usually we tell our patients 25 percent it correct sonya so those examples we saw before are great examples CoolSculpting is a great option for mild to moderate mouths of fat accumulation if a patient needs an Tania’s opinion or in my assessment more than two treatments with CoolSculpting they may well be better off having a liposuction procedure you

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