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Debunking Back Pain Myths |

There are some myths about back pain such as bed rest cure it and surgery is the best option, among others. Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, also clarifies doubts about surgery.


We have a couple of statements about back pain that we can go through and you can tell us if this is true or false the first one being which I think you mentioned bed rest can cure back pain there’s some great studies on this no more than 48 hours okay no more than 48 hours now firmer mattresses are better for facts so again there aren’t a plethora of studies on this at least not good studies firma mattresses are better for patients where Lord where kyphosis is the problem in other words when you ask me what happens when discs get shorter is that where patients are sort of flexed forwards so for patients who are sort of flex forwards like that if you put them on a soft mattress they’re gonna get flexed forward even more and for some reason that’s associated with stiffness and pain in the morning in fact it may get so bad they’ll wake up in pain so historically dancer mattresses harder mattresses are better for back pain patients but not with the quality of evidence that I would expect so I don’t have real good you know study to quote you okay now what about the myth that says that if I have chronic back pain and means I will absolutely need surgery oh no no not at all not at all I took care of this girl about a week ago an athlete in her late 30s and she had debilitating back pain that she’s had for years and she was certain that if she goes to the doctor she’ll end up with surgery she’s a beautiful model athlete she doesn’t want surgery she was afraid of a deathly afraid she had one injection well-placed epidural and she just called me last night saying she can’t believe it all these years she was suffering her pain is gone Wow so I would not make the assumption that because you’ve had pain for many years you gotta have surgery not at all you

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