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Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group, explains the uses of VELscope, a non-invasive oral cancer screening device, and how it helps prevent it.

He describes he uses the device and check the areas when the oral cancer is more prevalent, such as the sides of the tongue, cheeks, the bottom of the tongue and the roof of the palate.

The doctor does it with any new patient.


What does it include for example if somebody goes and says okay I’m gonna go see this doctor I need a comprehensive exam what are you going to give them that maybe another doctor is not giving wouldn’t give so as part of our new patient exam it takes about an hour and a half so and yes and that doesn’t include a cleaning that day so first of all the patient will come in have x-rays they’ll be seen specifically by our main hygienist Diana she’ll do a full periodontal examination social check your gums she’ll talk to me I’ll come in and we’ll do a whole oral cancer screening so I’ll use what’s called a bell scope and I’ll check all the hard tissue to make sure and then we’ll put everything together as a plan so this guy is one of my favorites the VELscope is our oral cancer screening tool and it’s probably the first item that I purchased for my new practice how long does it take to do that not even 30 seconds really okay so use music gimme peak real quick stuff I was going at first reading you would scream before the oral cancer correct so what would I do so long does it take take too long sensational notch tick now it doesn’t take too long so basically you’re gonna do is I would have gloves on and I would check all the areas where all cancer is most prominent so we’re looking at the size of the tongue the cheeks on the inside I would have you lift your tongue so I can check the bottom and on the roof of the palate okay so I can give you a little example so basically this gives like a little ultraviolet light so I don’t want you to get scared either all right all right I know you haven’t tried this but basically it gives off a little heat are you okay so basically I would have you open for me good and then I’ll have you lift your top right and then what we’re looking for are for any like pre malignant cancer precancerous cells so this this doesn’t really tell us if you have cancer or not it basically tells us go ahead and take like an extra peek so basically you look great I might have to see you a little bit later just a check one specific area but you look fine okay and you know what that’s an added bonus for someone who goes and seasonally is and every new patient will will have it done you

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