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Tongue-Tie: Help with Ties, Health Channel

What are the services provided by the Help with Ties organization? Melissa Ramkissoon, from Help with Ties, explains the steps every parent takes in the organization: consultation, care plan, and supportive care.


Tongue-Tie: Help with Ties, Health Channel

And we have a graphic of some of the services that you offer in Melissa and could explain it to our viewers and I know you never turn a parent down I don’t you know I like to take care of babies that are less than two but if a mother needs my help I cannot turn a baby down tapping into what I have also been through step one is our consultation it’s a free consultation where we will be discussing mother’s basic information health history birthing history whether she’s breastfeeding or and I also taken some information about baby as well and we’ll also if the mother would like to agree to proceed with the care plan we establish a care plan within 24 hours of the parent agreeing and my care plan what’s included and so the care plan includes helpit eyes making appointments for the child to get evaluated by a lip and tongue Tysabri provider we have a group of physicians that we work with that I stand by their work and I know that they have great work ethics and the parent and baby will have a good outcome so I will set them up with one of those providers doctor how they’re being one of them I will also supportive care support I in the care plan I make all of their appointments I do my best to of my adult leaving a lot of stress for parents tell you that so everything that I do I wish I had done for me so that’s how this is created and then my supportive care plan is the most important it’s a three week service it includes an in-home visit once a week for three weeks I called the parent every day to check up on mom and baby and other loved ones as well I set mom up with lactation if she’s breastfeeding speech therapy if she’s bottle feeding Wow and more you

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