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Dr. Carlos Wolf, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains whit a graphic the different shapes of noses and how the rhinoplasty alters them.
Dorsal hump, long nose, overprotected tip, tension tip, bulbous tip and under projected tip are the shapes the doctor explains.
He describes how techniques are used in any case. He also says when cartilage is needed, physicians take it from the ear or the rib.


Let’s go through the different shapes of noses and you can tell us how the rhinoplasty alters these kind of shapes and we do have examples yeah so the dorsal hump is basically you have a bump you have to take it down and again when I you know there’s these are these are just different to different types of noses that facial plastic and plastic people have determined are there there’s each of them have a different technique that you have to do the top two up there you know the dorsal hump the long nose and the tension nose those are ones that you can easily do with an open technique I mean a closed technique because all you have to do is reduce the bump reduce a projection projection is the distance between the your face and the how far out your nose goes the bottom ones would need a open rhinoplasty because when you’re over projected it means your nose sticks out too far it’s a little harder to reduce the projection with a closed run but you can do that the bulbous tip is when you have a lot of your tip is really there’s no shape to it and you want to have a little more angular shape that’s a great one for the open and then the under projected you can often use the the open technique because you can put cartilage grafts now the cartilage grafts you can take from the septum which is inside so you have no visual complication you know you don’t you’re not going to take it in an area that Mike can might create a problem in many patients who’ve had bad nose surgery or have over-resected surgery you need cartilage you can take rib cartilage in case you’ve had a really overdone nose you can take cartilage from the ear anyway you know the main areas when you take rib cartilage are I mean cartilage are from the ear or from the rib on certain occasions when there’s nothing left or you’ve had patients who have had cocaine overdose and they’ve completely collapsed their nose you can use outer plate of the bone on the on the skull you

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