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Dr. Lucy Andrews

CEO at The Brain Guard System and At Your Service Home Care A Concierge

Home Care Agency 

In 1988, after working in the University Health System at San Francisco (UCSF), Lucy Andrews started understanding home care.

She became a discharge planner and immediately fell in love with the concept of home care and the autonomous clinical practice it affords nurses. “Lucy was hooked and has been a strong advocate of home care ever since.”

Lucy has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and specializes in Dementia services and care across the continuum. Her scholarly work focused on dementia and delirium and surgical patients across health care settings. Dr. Andrews also focuses on training and education g professional nursing staff. She holds a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois. In 1994, she received her Master’s of Science in Health Service Administration from St. Mary’s University in Oakland, California. In 1992, Dr. Andrews was designated as a CAHSAH Certified Home Care Administrator. She is the founder and CEO of Creative Solutions Home Care Consulting Services and At Your Service Home Care, a company that provides the things she believes are essential for seniors to age in place by offering a higher level of service allowing people to be in their homes with an emphasis on independence, safety, and quality of life.


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