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Do you eat enough vegetables? Amy Kimberlain, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, gives some recommendations to get more vegetables in your diet, and how planning can be very helpful for your eating habits.


So what suggestions do you have to get that vegetable intake into our diets I think for me it still comes back to planning you just mentioned everybody’s busy so again is there a plan of attack for the week are you packing some with you to go some carrot sticks or some celery sticks that you can munch on instead of heading to the vending machine at 3 o’clock in the afternoon right for something crunchy is it you can at least bring your salad with you when you do go out and eat or again if you are eating out now in this day and age there’s so many more health options you just have to make sure that you’re ordering it they may not be bringing you a whole plate of vegetables but you can always ask for the side swap out absolutely so it’s just planning and you know not letting your guard down right in the sense that you’re eating out and now you just really eat what they’re serving my versus again what we know to be the best night eater you got salutely now fiber you think about fiber we need fiber in our diet so where am I getting this fiber from yeah fiber comes from all of the plant-based sources so we’re just speaking of non starchy vegetables but they’re also found in whole grains so again now if I have that quarter of the plate to be from brown rice now I have half of the plate to be from my non starchy vegetables all of that plays into where I’m getting my fiber from so we list amounts based on everybody’s intake so at every thousand calories you need 12 grams of fiber rough estimates per day or about 25 to 35 grams more is better again it’s just gonna be overall health beneficial everyone associates it with gut health but it also has all these other health benefits whether it’s heart disease blood pressure cardiovascular and diabetes related fiber is where it’s at and we’re not eating enough of it so for me it’s like how can I now switch out and get a whole grain in where maybe I wasn’t doing it before adding one more vegetable every day it all starts to add up and again your gut well thinking right you

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