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Exercises for Lumbar Stenosis |

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, recommends to patients with lumbar stenosis to bend their knees and to not bend over to lift up weight.

He also explains they have to avoid extension based exercise, like those you do with rolling machines, because they will compress the spine even more.


So what are your recommendations when it comes to weights and strength training lot of people have those little weights and I see them walking around the block which is fantastic but sometimes they’re just too big sure and they’re overdoing it so I would say two things one think about your daily activity like a sinusoidal curve and if lifting heavy weight is what you normally do like some of our some of our NFL guys then then that’s your normal and that shouldn’t really cause you to have pain but for the normal mortals like us when lifting let’s say 50 pound weight is a lot the extra care would be just simply bend your knees don’t bend over to lift up the weight and then just sort of listen to the body if there’s pain there’s usually a reason for it and Yoga Yoga is a pretty good exercise when it comes to in that core oh yeah why is the core so important doctor because think of the spine as the mast on a boat you have to have very strong pull both towards the back and towards the front the abdominal muscles will have to be there and have to be very strong to oppose the super strong lumber spine musculature so it’s important to have a combination of both for sort of a balanced posture alright so if somebody has lumbar stenosis obviously exercises for the core yoga walking being careful of course if you’re using weights but what are things that one should not do like avoid well water skiing would be one I guess look with lumbar spine stenosis the problem is deep inside the human body as I say deep in the electrical box and frequently sufferers of lumber spine stenosis will look for an alternative but if the pain gets real severe you can’t push through it so theoretically extension based things would irritate so if someone were to try a rowing machine okay and there are some specific exercises in the gym there are extension based exercises those are a big problem for patients with lumbar spine stenosis because of that posture where you sort of lean back will compress the spine even more so the a good advice for patients with lumbar stenosis is to focus on flexion based activities so even a bike can be done with a patient leaning words which would allow him to maintain exercise maintain cardiovascular fitness without sort of compressing the nerves even further you

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