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Exercises to Avoid during Pregnancy |

Exercises to Avoid during Pregnancy, Health Channel

During pregnancy, women should not do something that creates impact into the pelvic floor or anything that can cause falls or affect balance. Monica Gonzalez, Strength & Conditioning Specialist with Old Bull Athletics, advises women to listen to their body through pregnancy and always try to move.


Exercises to Avoid during Pregnancy, Health Channel

Many people wonder what they should and shouldn’t do when they’re pregnant we have a list of some exercises to avoid during pregnancy Monica why would some of these be a bad idea for an expecting mother well you definitely don’t want to do something that is creating impact into the pelvic floor and waterskiing anything that is gonna cause potential issues with falling sure or balance definitely your balance gets affected when you’re pregnant you’re gonna want to feel like you can you need to hold onto the rail of the stairs you may need to hold onto something when you’re doing single leg work and it’s great to do that work but if you feel like your balance is compromised it’s okay to hold onto the back of a chair or a bench so that you can continue to do your strength training but generally anything where there’s a lot of impact anything that is a new thing for you as well like if you never run in your life and you’re deciding well I’m gonna start yeah training for a marathon that’s probably not the best time to do it what in terms of like the timing of pregnancy and like the different trimesters are there different exercises you should be doing at different times or should you hold back with certain things I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and as you progress through your pregnancy you may feel better you may feel worse and from my personal experience my second trimester was the most comfortable that’s where I had my most energy that called that the honeymoon phase of pregnancy where you’re really getting your energy back your appetite back and that’s a great time to have a regular exercise routine or even just go walking everyday is wonderful especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time as my pregnancy progressed into the third trimester I got bigger I got more uncomfortable I ended up some days just walking and doing mobility exercises working on stretching my hips strengthening my upper back was really important as well for the posture pregnancy really affects your posture as well as the weight starts to build up in a forward position everything in your body has to shift to accommodate that so stretching just moving and doing what feels good to you I think is the best you.

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