Meet the Experts

In partnership with Baptist Health South Florida, the Health Channel, features medical specialists who discuss important health issues and answer live audience questions. Meet some of our contributors:

Kathleen Volman, MSN, RN

Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist with Advancing Nursing LLC

Dr. Peter Volsky

Otolaryngologist with Baptist Health South Florida

Dr. Jill Waibel

With the before and after picture of a 90-year-old lady, Dr. Jill Waibel, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida explains studies show that when women and men do procedures for things like wrinkles, they do it to make themselves feel better. The dermatologist also explains what IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is and how it can […]

Dr. Paula Walker

People go to yoga to stress out their physical body and to de-stress their minds, explains Paula Walker, Yoga Instructor & Director of Marketing and Events at greenmonkey® yoga. The specialist advises taking the yoga out off the mat and get it to real life. After a lot of practice, people have to take a […]

Matthew Walton

Helpline Manager with Jewish Community Services of South Florida

Dr. Grace Wang

Dr. Grace Wang, Medical Oncologist with Miami Cancer Institute, says breast cancer survivors need to be as healthy as possible so that when they are in their 90’s they are a good survivor. “We take care of their general health and that they have the best health habits, whether it is diet, exercise, not too […]

Torre Washington

Professional Bodybuilder

Dr. Michelle Weiner

Cannabis and marijuana are the same thing, a drug derived from a plant which includes hemp. Dr. Michelle Weiner, Interventional Pain Management Physician with Baptist Health South Florida, explains there are a lot of medicinal compounds in that plant and explains how and when she uses it with her patients. The stigma of marijuana has […]

Lisa Welsh MBA

Physician Assistant with Miami Cancer Institute

Carin White Searby, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist with Bethesda Hospital, part of Baptist Health

Stacey Whitelocke

Clinical Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida

Dr. Jobyna Whiting

Posture is one of the most important things that can affect how your necks feels. “We have several muscles that attach from our head and from our neck down to the lower part of our body. Maintaining good neutral posture is going to keep you from overworking those muscles in the wrong kind of way […]

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