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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, says many guys would rather have a thick beard than a thick head of hair. He points out they do beard transplants in gender reassignment for women that are now men to provide them a masculine look.

He explains beard transplants are commonly used for fixing a patchy beard and for patients that had laser done thinking they did not want to shave and then they regret it. The process consists on taking scalp hair and using it for the beard.


So how common are these procedures doctor and is it more men and women well it depends certainly for eyebrows women and more common especially since in the 70s and 80s the look was to over pluck have thin thin high arched eyebrows obviously that look is very different now similarly with beards you know guys would most many guys would rather have a thick beard than a thick head of hair yeah yeah you can shave your head but you can’t you know but guys look I mean look it’s not just the Brooklyn hipsters anymore that was you know so nice that was so 2010 it’s now everything guys in the boardroom want thick beards but eyebrows as I said are popular more common with women than men with men we do be or transplants I brought transplants but also be a transplants and sometimes we’re doing it on with the growth I’m in in the transitioning gender transitioning gender reassignment for women that are now men taking of testosterone doesn’t necessarily cause hair regrow so we’ll do beard transplants to provide them with a more masculine look this that’s not a major number of the patients I do but those are some of the patients that are getting beard transplants and does this work similar to the hair restoration techniques we were talking about Emily the only difference is many times these these transplants are being done in areas that never had hair so we’re able to have hair grow with or not with the way there once was not any hair most commonly with the beard it’s per patchiness usually due to genetics occasionally can be due to patient was when they were younger they had laser unto thinking they didn’t want to shave anymore and then they regret it so that but the process is pretty much the same we’re taking scalp hair and using it for here sometimes we’ll take lower beard hair and put it here for the eyebrows most commonly and I do like three of these eyebrows every week oh yeah yeah eyebrows are a very popular procedure for my practice and we take hair from usually the back of the head and so the individual needs to trim those hairs probably once every week to ten days and and because those hairs will continue to grow you

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