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With a digital imaging, Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Medical Director of the Burn Center at South Miami Hospital, explains how he performs an elevation of eyebrows.

He states the procedure is a combination of skin resection and some type of implant or device that can cause a suture.

This procedure can help lifting in that area, he says.


But were some of the face rejuvenations that we can be we can be doing okay so I thought I’m gonna I’m going to go again by dividing this in thirds and talking about the patient if we talk about it and third so this patient obviously has a very long hairline or very receded hair lines but let’s say a normal person would have a hairline like this and let’s put it here let’s give him some hair so the lower the hairline it’s better for the eyebrows because right we’re gonna usually hide those incisions somewhere in this area so if I’m gonna make incisions for my brow lifts usually when we make incisions for the brow lift ideally we want to let me see here let me see if I can get this here well so you would make incisions in this area and the lateral thirds I’m gonna go through the side here as well this is where you would probably make your incisions and it’s a combination so there’s a combination when we do when we do the for elevation of the eyebrow we will do a dissection in this part of the face and I’m just gonna mark the area that gets dissected and when you mean dissected we open eyes we open it up and release it to a small incision behind your hairline you incisions like this you will try to rest you’ll try to dissect this and release the attachments of the tissue and then what you will do is once you release that then you will pull on it what a vector and a vector would be something like this in this direction if you think about it I think you’re pulling it up and then you’ll have a combination of skin it’s like skin resection in this area or some type of implant or device that will you can suture it or you can make a little hole in the bone and put a suture so you can hold sir there’s attacking device there’s a capacity to even make a little hole in the bone and pass the sutures or a combination of just skin resection so that’d be a combination of things now that you did the brow lift though at this point is the patient want the eye lift or does the brow lift actually help in lifting it does help in the island you

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