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Factors of Skin Aging |

Factors of Skin Aging, Health Channel

Paula Brezavseck, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery, explains which factors cause wrinkles and other skin aging conditions.
She says the loss of collagen contributes to the appearance of wrinkles as well as the natural deterioration of the bones. She says the eye sockets get bigger, the cheek bones get thinner and the volume shifts and falls forward.
She advises addressing all of those things at a younger age in order to slow the process.


Factors of Skin Aging, Health Channel

Let’s talk about how the body works especially when it comes to aging it’s just inevitable for all of us so what happens to the skin over time look how they’re getting a close-up of me because they know how much I talk about wrinkles what happens estrogen yes so actually there’s a lot of contributing factors if we’re talking about the aging process I say there’s two major arms okay and we have to understand the differences so the first thing that happens I say when we’re born until our early 20s we build collagen and elastin and those are things that kind of creates like scaffolding to the roof is my analogy it’s structural support okay and gravity is constantly depleting it so after our 20s we’re no longer producing that naturally you can’t take supplements it just doesn’t work but we can make it but it’s only in response to an injury that our body will start producing these collagen fibers so that will help address the skin sagging the fine lines and wrinkles and all those things with these procedures okay in my field there’s a whole array of devices and treatments that will generate these controlled injuries but depending on what it’s bothering you and what’s concerning you there’s variability okay so the difference is where the depth of the injury is happening we’ll do different things more superficial one millimeter you’re gonna target your fine lines wrinkles pigmentation the deeper you go there’s treatments that can actually burn and cause an injury at like four and a half millimeters to three millimeters and that causing collagen on different planes can actually cause tissue tightening okay so that’s the one aspect and people have to know that because I don’t think that they should overcompensate filling to compensate for that loss so the second thing that happens is that our bones start dissolving just like in the body and the skull changes as well and the eye sockets get bigger the cheek bones get thinner and volume shifts and falls forward so that can be addressed with these fillers that they call just to replace that bony structural loss and I always say if you’re addressing both of these issues well it comes down to physics if we’re weakening the chemical bonds that that is collagen and we’re losing that structure within the skin we’ll gravity’s gonna pull stronger so if we addressed it at a younger age we can kind of slow the accelerated process and age gracefully so we can look natural you

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