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Factors That Can Affect Prenatal Care |

There are several factors that can affect pregnancy such as weight and smoking. Dr. Victoria Bedell, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, also advises doing a genetic screening. Dr. Joanna Bedell, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains women who have underweight or overweight can have problems getting pregnant.


Healthy pregnancy can start before the pregnancy so let’s talk a little bit about preconception how much does a woman’s lifestyle before pregnancy affect the health of their pregnancy so there are several kind of factors that can affect that certain things to be mindful of is definitely maintaining a healthy weight healthy diet and quitting smoking or trying to stop smoking because those are actually things that can make it difficult to become pregnant so we always recommend that also prior to pregnancy you can undergo genetic screening before getting pregnant at all to see if you’re a carrier for any type of rare diseases so we talk to patients about that you know if they come in and say what are things that I can do now that we’re trying so when you say a healthy weight does that mean and I’m not sure here if you’re too heavy you might not be able to get pregnant but if you’re too skinny you might not be able to get pregnant what is this both both can be true for sure especially if I’m being largely underweight or overweight typically causes abnormal periods and those women are a little bit less likely to ovulate regularly so it makes it more difficult for them to become pregnant so that’s something that can be addressed before trying you.

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