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Facts of Eating Disorders, Health Channel

There are some eating disorders truths, such as you can have an eating disorder and look healthy, families are not to blame, it is a health crisis that disrupts personal and family functioning, and eating disorders are not choices.

Dr. Paula Levine, Psychologist and Founding Director of the Miami Counseling Resource Center, says families are not to blame, but they do need to be involved, and the support system is not necessarily the parents, it is a husband.


Facts of Eating Disorders, Health Channel

To also show our viewers that the National Eating Disorders Association has quite a few truths – eating disorders so let’s walk us let’s walk through some of these both of you you can have an eating disorder and look healthy very true dr. Joris the majority of people you know are not very low body weight that have eating disorders so a lot of times it may be the dentist even that picks it up first of all it’s a normal body weight person but they’re vomiting continually and that causes a lot of cavities and you need to be an acid yeah so the dentist may pick it up first but yeah you’re absolutely right about that let’s see a few more of those our families are not to blame but can help in recovery well that’s what we were just talking we were just talking about not to blame they should never feel blamed although they do right but they need to be involved they have to be involved and don’t forget we’re we’re sort of talking about a lot of young kids and anorexia families in many cases are now the husband and the children it’s the bulimic who’s thirty years old and finally coming to grips with the fact that she’s been bulimic throughout the first ten years of her marriage so her support system is not necessarily her parents it’s her husband and I have over the years received many calls from husbands thank God for husbands who care enough to say my wife does this thing I didn’t even know when I was dating her I didn’t even know until we were living together but she vomits very frequently after meals is that normal no you know yeah no obviously not no you

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