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Family support is the most important thing during pregnancy and after the baby’s birth.

Doctor Alberto Sirven, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at West Kendall Baptist Hospital, explains a woman knows during pregnancy her body changes and her life will no longer be the same, although she also experiences the joy of bringing a life to the world.

Hormones also play an important role in this process in which, sometimes, the woman is happy and, sometimes, she’s sad, the specialist describes.


Having a baby can change a mother’s life dramatically instantaneously the life of the mother changes forever increased responsibility much less sleep staying up late or maybe breastfeeding all the time or just staying up with a baby that won’t sleep maybe has colic it’s just so over whelming so doctor you know many women out there can relate to this and they’re probably saying yes that happens it happened to me or many women out there are expecting and saying what am I in for it’s it’s tough so what can a woman out there who maybe just found out you’re pregnant fantastic what are they going to expect? Well I think you are welcome to the roller coaster you’re gonna find yourself in so many difficult times but at the same time you’re gonna have so many highs so you’re gonna be so extremely happy I think overall yes there’s going to be plenty of changes not just for the women for the whole family and you’re bringing a new person into a family that is going to have a mind of his own and attitude of his own even when they’re in the womb they some kick more some kick less but the reality is that everyone is individual so I think that in general you’re gonna change but if it wasn’t for pregnancy we wouldn’t be here. So there are women that become irritable they become angry and all of a sudden the husband’s going whoa and maybe other kids in the family are going oh what is going on it happens. Psychologically and emotionally it’s a very difficult time for women because their body changes you’re not looking as great as you did before at times I think you look better but everyone is different and I think in general the impression is that there’s hormones also changes that affects you your mood swings how happy you are how sad you are at times and I think that the overall the support of the family is so important in this time for women that it that is a key to success and is the key to bring happiness into everyone’s life but in particular to the women that is going through all this.

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