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Hair Loss and Pregnancy, Health Channel

During pregnancy, your hair looks great; but what happens after delivery? Monica Ponce, Physician Assistant with Sunset Dermatology, says why hair loss is a common thing after pregnancy.


Hair Loss and Pregnancy, Health Channel

Pregnancy has a huge role here as well I remember after I gave birth to Samantha oh my word it was a sight to behold right what happens is it because again the loss of estrogen because I gave birth so it’s it tends to be that during pregnancy your hair looks gradual if you’re glowing your hormones are high so they’re keeping that hair intact and you’re not shedding that much and then you go into a telogen effluvium so it usually happens at about the six week mark and it rarely doesn’t happen after pregnancy it has to do with the drop in the hormones and it also has to do just with the trauma of delivery and getting over that pregnancy so it that’s so super super super common and birth control does it help so birth control tends to help because it tends to lower our testosterone levels so our androgen levels and that for the most part tends to help every once in a while you’ll get the one patient that tells you no this isn’t helping my hair but for the most part it does help you.

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