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Hand Rejuvenation: Before and After |

Hand Rejuvenation: Before and After, Health Channel

Doctors Roger Khouri and Daniel Calva, both Plastic Surgeons with Baptist Health South Florida, show before and after images of hand rejuvenation.

For example, Khouri says there was a disconnection between a patient’s face and her hands, but after the fat grafting procedure the wrinkles in her hands are gone and now they match with her face.


Hand Rejuvenation: Before and After, Health Channel

Talk to us a little bit of a procedure of what we see in each of these images that you’re pulling up. > Well the first image here shows a lady in her early 60s she’s beautiful, she’s had a facelift she’s had all the fillers and the boat docks and her face looks fantastic, you wouldn’t give her in a few days over 40 if you look at her face, but then you look at her hands although she has nice manicure and everything and the nice jewelry her hand look old. There’s a disconnect between her face and her hands and here’s her hand a few months later after with it fat grafting simply under local anesthesia, notice how the wrinkles are gone and it’s fuller, it looks like a kid’s hand more, of course we haven’t treated the the little deformity of arthritis that you get with age we haven’t treated the dark spots either that’s something we treat better with Laser laser of other things but we’ve never proved — they have improved tremendously — improved but what’s mostly improved is the wrinkles the this the skin is thicker with camouflage those veins that become apparent with age the tendons camouflage at least. Here’s another example for another hand same situation you could see how before and after just this ladies though older, also beautiful, she’s had two facelifts, she takes care of herself, but then her hands there’s a disconnection — give away the time, give away the age — and so, again, simple procedure took 10-15 minutes under the local anesthesia a little bit of fact and inject it put a bandage for a week later and they’re back with using their hands. we camouflage the vein. > Now doctors question for you we say we turn back the hands of time, how… I mean as women we like numbers so, how many years would you say that we would do shave off this this woman’s hand? > oh. I would say at least 15-20 years. I mean this is this hand is ahead of a 70 year old lady and this is more than the head of a 50 year old a 55 year old lady > You know Cathy age is in the mind and somebody that walks with beautiful hands like the one on the right is feeling like they’re in their 30s compared to the one on the left where they’re feeling they’re in their 60s. > And they see the hands you know the other thing that we’ve got with time is look that this is the same lady before and after. Notice how this is a thicker consistency as we age our skin becomes thin we lose the elastic fibers and becomes more even multi-trauma this the skin here after that is more durable it’s more robust as a younger skin.

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