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Fat Transfer to the Hand |

Dr. Roger Khouri, Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, says it is amazing what they could do with fat and a needle. “You can increase 30% in tissue length with just a needle and an incision.

He points out needles leave no scars, it is like an intravenous. “You never really have a scar from an intravenous,” he highlights.


You have some interesting slides that are gonna show us a little bit of that about how that fat isn’t sort of taken from the abdominal in there hand as well. > Oh the fat and a needle it’s amazing what we could do with a fat and a needle. if we show the slides here if we chop I just make neither holes in the skin to leave no scar we can create an alternating pattern of slits which then allow mass expansion so you can now stretch the tissue because you create that mesh expansion pattern and then you put fat those lower holes and when the fat survives it really takes hold regenerates and suddenly you gain tissue you start a piece tissue and you can increase 30% increase in tissue length with just a needle and an incision. So if you look at the wound defect that you couldn’t close we go around it and we make simple neither holes leave no scar, — no scars — no scars, and needles leaves no scars sounds as an intravenous you never really have a scar from an intravenous and then by staggering these these slits there but we can allow this to open luckily make slits in the paper a lot to expand and then you create this mesh band that expands it creates tiny little pigeon holes if you want out of our view light boxes whether we can put fat and when the fat survives in those low scaffold that scaffold basically you regenerate tissue. > But I want to see that before and after let me see that > This is a typical dupa trend contracture like Dr. Eaton showed has talked about you can’t open their hand that I’m holding that module is in there and what we do here we put the contracture on the tension in the operating room and with multiple needle stitch just like I showed that slide we create a mesh pattern that allows it to expand and then that allows the fingers to open and we’ll put fat in between.

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