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Health Pregnancy: Planning Tips, Health Channel

When people are planning to get pregnant, Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, advises not to really obsessing about it too much.

She advises the use of ovulation kits, which are very effective, such as the bracelet, which focuses on women temperature.


Health Pregnancy: Planning Tips, Health Channel

I’ve seen a lot doctor that women can wear these bracelets, and it keeps track of your ovulation cycle, like what day you’re ovulating which is the peak of getting pregnant usually it’s like day 14 or 13 something like that, is that a good way of kind of monitoring the situation?, to say today’s the right day. Right so when people are planning to get pregnant my original advice is not to really obsess about it too much, because as long as you’re in a healthy relationship, sexually active, and you’re not focusing on it too much you will conceive, but people who are really focused and they want to know when’s the time, what should I be doing, you know they really want to get into that exact day, what works best are these ovulation kits, it will actually tell you when your surges and when you want to really be active, the bracelets are focusing on your temperature and that has been shown to be effective, but those traditional ovulation kits where you go to the bathroom to pee on a stick, they’re extremely effective.

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