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How often do women need to see their doctors during pregnancy? Dr. Victoria Bedell, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says from the first month to seven months, it’s every four weeks and explains why after that time visits should be more frequent.


So between finding out a due date and keeping track of your body and baby’s health regular doctor visits are so important for pregnant mothers how often do women need to see their doctors during pregnancy ends up being a lot at the beginning it’s pretty much from the first month to about seven months it’s once a month so every four weeks and then when you get between seven months and eight months eight and a half months it’s every two weeks and then the final month of pregnancy from 36 weeks on every week every week that’s the exciting part okay let’s take a look at the recommended schedule broken down into each trimester so let’s go ahead and start with the first one yeah so one prenatal visit each month from the first month to seven months and then you move on to every two weeks after that and then every single week until 40 weeks lots of you know it’s kind of funny how for a very long time that one’s like oh nine months this pregnancy it’s actually ten it is ten yeah why don’t why don’t we run we rebrand that and let people know because usually patients my guess is they don’t start seeing the doctor until they’re they’ve already finished the first month that’s right don’t know that they’re pregnant in the first four you.

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