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Stevia or natural sweeteners are better than artificial sweeteners. Unni Greene, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist with SoMi Fitness, says brown sugar, honey or agave are still sugar. Dr. Deborah Longwill, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the effects of added sugar on the skin.


Is there a way of getting that sugar sweetness in another way yes as opposed to how we’re eating it I recommend stevia or a natural sweetener not the artificial sweeteners which have been costs you know shown to cost detrimental health effects even cancer okay we want to look for stevia I know some people prefer a honey agave they have minut amount of nutrition but to me it’s still sugar and your thought on brown sugar I don’t like it okay I’m one of those why because it’s still sugar and it’s still gonna raise your insulin levels and it’s still gonna trick your brain into one thing more it is addictive right so happens as you get in a cycle you have sugar and you think you’re satiated but you’re really not you’re getting out getting the nutrition nutrients then you end up going through this crash and then you’re hungry again and then you eat again another muffin and then an hour later then you in another muffin you’re just not getting full and you’re eating all this sugar and it’s adding a lot of stress on the liver and that’s where we’re getting a lot of fatty liver as well and it’s showing out on the skin because patients are having problems with them broken capillaries bruising thin skin wrinkles patent yellow discolorations you

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