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Learning about Morning Sickness |

Learning about Morning Sickness, Health Channel

It’s pretty much unknown what causes morning sickness, according to Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida.

She also explains about 70 % of women have been experiencing some of the morning sickness symptoms like vomiting and nausea during pregnancy.

The specialist advises not going long periods of time without eating.


Learning about Morning Sickness, Health Channel

Morning sickness usually one of the very first and early signs of being pregnant so doctor just let’s let’s start right here tell us what causes morning sickness.Okay the most honest answer I heard from a doctor in a long time we have no idea It’s pretty much unknown what causes morning sickness there are some postulated ideas but truly it’s unknown some people think maybe the hormone levels your estrogen levels go up there is even some postulated thoughts that it’s evolutionary that over time it’s designed that way so we avoid eating those harmful foods that we really spoke about in that first segment that there are foods that are harmful for pregnant women to eat but really what causes that is unknown and unfortunately about 70 percent of women are experiencing some nausea vomiting and pregnancy. I was gonna say is it just happening that all of a sudden your body’s saying I have I have a second body here that I’m dealing with I’ve got a I got to balance things out here the human body has a way of doing that remedies now you’ve got the nausea you’ve got morning sickness there’s there’s several things I’ve read that talked about ginger that can help is wive’s tale or is that true I wish I had the answer. There’s some truth to that those studies don’t really prove it that well but if you do eat some ginger that can be settling any type of gastrointestinal illness people have noticed that ginger can be settling for the stomach so it is the same type of principle there’s some little things that I always tell my patients the first thing is not to go long periods of time without eating you want to make sure that every hour two hours you’re eating some type of very small meal or snack and that really helps tremendously it doesn’t always help that weight gain it’s a big problem for women in the first trimester and the most settling food happens to be those carbs but sometimes after doing the first trimester for whatever you have to do.

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