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Lisa Klein-Davis, Physician Assistant with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, affirms there are some people who have certain genetic abnormalities, that they have really high levels of cholesterol.

She also describes in that case, diet and exercise can help the patient lower their cholesterol levels. In some cases, medication is required.

Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, Chief Population Health Officer with Baptist Health South Florida, agrees with her and adds the condition is individualized. Family history, genetics and other components are important.


So if you’re stuck that with the genetic factor of having the high cholesterol, is there anything you can do about it, or is it simply just that’s it over.> There are some people who have certain genetic abnormalities that I think we’re gonna talk about later, that they have really high levels of cholesterol, and they have these defects where they truly don’t clear cholesterol properly, and in that case diet, exercise, why we always encourage it for lots of other reasons, it medications are required in order to really get those levels down, so and it’s really individual some people with diet and exercise, you know we always say on average you expect this percent reduction in your lipid panel with diet and exercise, but there’s always going to be people that fall out of that spectrum, so it’s really important to know that we encourage diet and exercise and some people it’s going to have a much greater impact on their levels, but for the most part when we look at the average, it’s we’re not gonna get the reduction. > That’s the concept of lipid clinic, and the concept of lipid ologists, which is not treat everyone the same, don’t treat everyone’s number the same, everyone’s body’s different, the reasons they may have these numbers are different, the risk associated what’s different, so to come in and individualize whether it with other blood tests, or aspects of the family history, you know if your cholesterol is 300 which is very high, and your parents were 300 which is very high, and they’re living in their 80 years old, and your grandparents were 300 which is very high and they’re doing great in their 110, that we can tell you that yes you have a high cholesterol, but you’re one of those people where it doesn’t get into the arteries, so there’s many components including family history and genetics, that we look at, and that’s the individual approach that you that we do in a lipid clinic, it’s not just say everyone with this number takes this pill, everyone that with this number of you’re fine, it’s much more complicated than that.

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