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How To Mitigate Osteoporosis Risk Factors |

How To Mitigate Osteoporosis Risk Factors, Health Channel

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four American women aged 65 or older suffer from osteoporosis, and about 6% of men in the same age group suffer from the disease. Susan Nowrouzi, Registered Dietitian at Baptist Hospital of Miami, says not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and getting too much protein, sodium and caffeine are controllable risk factors of osteoporosis.

Having an inactive lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol and being overweight are also risk factors that you can change in your lifestyle to avoid osteoporosis diagnosis.


How To Mitigate Osteoporosis Risk Factors, Health Channel

1/4 of all American women aged 65 or older suffer from osteoporosis, about 6% of men in the same age group suffer from the disease, this is all according to these Centers for Disease Control so I’ll go through some of the controllable risk factors here in, Susan I want to talk to you about this specifically, because many of the risk factors, I’m sure that there’s a lot of people who don’t understand there’s a lot of food involved in this, and the first one is not enough fruits and vegetables, I’ll go for the second one to only because, again I’m gonna go back to my sainted granny who took me off salt, probably when I was 8 where she said you really don’t need it, but those are two things I think in the American lifestyle that we still can’t seem to get through our hands.> Very good question Ed, what I what we want to do to improve our diet to include as much plant-based foods as we can, which is fruits and vegetables, and legumes, and decrease our processed foods, and I think we are living at a time that we rely on convenient foods, continuously, and the food industry taps on our, you know our lack of time, and people when I’m working with my patients almost nobody cooks anymore, everybody relies on buying ready-made food, or ordering food, and I try to tell them, no matter how healthy you think your food is, you really have to nothing is going to be as good as your cooking it, so you have to include fruits and vegetable at every meal, and add every snack, I’m very strict, if somebody tells me I don’t like any fruits or vegetable, I said well I’m sorry, I don’t think I really can help you, because without fruits and vegetable what is there left, you want to rely on just protein bread and fat?, you cannot be healthy no matter how lean you’re eating, how many calories you’re watching, if you’re not putting those plant-based foods in your diet you cannot be healthy, and then on top of that the processed foods which is high in salt, they also leach calcium out of your bones, which promotes your austrial process, so I really focus when I try to explain to them, that you really want to focus on including more plant, and then I try to find out, how I can suggest to include fruits and vegetable that they would be palatable to them.

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