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Regarding delivery, most questions are about epidural vs. natural delivery, Dr. Joanna Bedell, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains epidural is very safe and helpful. Dr. Sarah Bedell. Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, advises moms to start to look for a pediatrician in the last two months of pregnancy.


Prenatal visits are also a good time to connect with medical professionals by asking questions and planning for your delivery so what are questions that you get a lot besides your personal history and that your sister’s about delivery itself there are a lot of questions about epidurals is that safe is that something I should do what about natural deliveries and what are the expectations during labor what about epidurals I think they’re very safe I personally I think that that’s one of the greatest advantages to being pregnant in the modern times especially in the United States it’s readily available and very very safe there seems to be kind of a rumor about long-term paralysis things like that and that is pretty much impossible if it’s done correctly I’ve never seen that it’s very very safe mm-hmm I and very helpful yeah okay how can prenatal visits help a mom prepare for having a baby just like you said it’s an opportunity to ask questions get questions answered a lot of first-time moms have a lot of anxiety about what’s gonna happen the second that I walk into the hospital and so we’re able to walk them through that and sort of set the expectation so you can be kind of more calm and excited about giving birth rather than scared right and know what decision should mothers be making during the pregnancy we actually recommend that they start to look for a pediatrician towards the last couple of months of the pregnancy because eventually they’ll end up seeing their pediatrician more than they see us and it’s really important that they develop a strong relationship and and trust with that physician and so we tell patients to visit different pediatricians office and kind of get a vibe for for what you think you’d be most comfortable with they also have to decide a lot of lots of stuff about becoming new parents and so we’re very encouraging of some reading of careful reading on the internet and things to expect just with parenting and just different literature about that you.

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