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When wisdom teeth are stuck they can also be called “impact teeth”. They’re stuck because they don’t have room to come out.
Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains they can get stuck in the bone, in the soft tissues or against another tooth.
Infection, pain, bleeding, bad breath or difficulty opening the mouth are the most common complications of impacted wisdom teeth, the specialist describes.
The specialist says there is enough evidence to show a link between gum disease, chronic inflammation in the mouth and heart disease.


We often hear that word impacted yes someone is referring to wisdom teeth but what does impact it even mean that it means stuck okay like the teeth are stuck because they don’t have room to come out and they get stuck and they can get stuck in different levels they can get stuck in the bone they can get stuck in the soft tissues they can get stuck against another tooth so and that’s where the term impacted comes now what are the complications of having an impacted wisdom tooth or teeth a complications infection pain bleeding bad breath and all the way to very you know severe infections difficulty opening the mouth if equal to swallowing and at which point it becomes a medical emergency I want to talk a little bit more about the symptoms we briefly touched on them but I want to go over them because a few of them we need to remember that they don’t just impact the mouth as you mentioned they radiate through different parts of the body so it can even travel is this true well yes there is now enough evidence to show a link between gum disease and chronic inflammation in the mouth and heart disease so really and yeah how that chronic inflammation the mediators and other chronic inflammation can damage your heart and there’s a link there right so chronic infections in the mouth whether it is periodontal disease or a chronic infections from cavities from wisdom teeth can you know be damaging to my health as well you

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