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Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, CEO & General Dentist with SOMI Dental Group, explains different types of bites: healthy bite, overbite, under bite and open bite.
He says any of these bites can occur in patients. Some of them are genetics. Most of them can be corrected with either Invisalign or braces.
Sucking the thumb in early age can cause open bite, explains Diana Perez-Caballero, Lead Dental Hygienist with SOMI Dental Group. Open bite can cause people to breathe through their mouth. Patients have dry mouth, a lot of plaque accumulation and bleeding gums.


So let’s talk about what we’re looking at here healthy overbite under bite and open bite dr. well any of these can occur in any patients some of them are genetics I actually had an underbite when I was younger I was borderline having to have surgery to have to correct it but I was luckily able to do it through orthodontics we see these kind of bites all the time and it’s just being able to accurately diagnose them and say okay this is an underbite there’s an overbite and they can both be corrected with either Invisalign or braces some actually have to be corrected surgically it’s their very select cases of those and can we see the picture again if you don’t mind there was one there that I wanted to show I was the overbite by the way so that’s your the unders all like twins yeah what a thing yeah yeah there you go sing one and thank you open bite open bite that’s interesting I hadn’t heard of that yeah Dianna can tell you little bit more about the open bite well open my it’s people that when they close in the front you see the data that their teeth don’t actually occlude like they they’re not coming like one in front of another there’s a lot of people with that and that comes from you know sucking the thumb when they’re kids that’s one of the biggest thing margin also tongue thrusting like they they don’t really position the tongue the right way so that T is kind of like our mouth line as a result of that that’s another common way that a lot of kids have today there’s other like disorders that also bring about open buy you know there’s different things but it’s definitely a big big problem because that causes you to breeze through your mouth right that also you know it’s a consequence of then you having dry mouth and then using inflammation bleeding gums a lot of plaque accumulation you know there’s a lot of stuff with it and also I was reading the other day that it has a lot to do with recurrent sinus infections the way you breathe breathing products and some you know and it just affects your overall health you

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