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What is osteoarthritis? Dr. Carlos Alvarado, Orthopedic Surgeon with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, explains what this disease is about and shows with a 3D image how it affects the knee joint.


Let’s talk about overall joint health so dr. Barlow we have a 3d image and a bunny and we’re talking about osteoarthritis so what exactly is osteo arthritis so tell us exactly what it is that we’re looking at here alright so this is a 3d mock-up of a knee is the femur and the tibia this is actually the joint so the joint is the coming together of two moving bones basically and in between those moving parts just like any other you know mechanical structure you have some lubrication and an articular surface or moving part this is the articular surface of the femur and this is the articular surface of the tibia and basically what those parts need to do is slide past each other for your knee to bend without pain and for it to be a nice smooth motion arthritis is the wearing down of this surface or the cartilage surface which is a smooth very tough surface as that surface starts to wear down you will get some areas of degeneration or actually holes if in real life when I look at the inside of a knee I will see areas where the cartilage is completely worn away and what’s exposed is the bone underneath it now bone is so it creates holes right yeah I’ll tell patients almost like a pothole sometimes right and and patients that have arthritis if you actually put your hand over the knee and have that patient move the knee you will feel that irregular surface and sometimes you can even hear what we call crepitus or the popping and snapping of that worn out surface you

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