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Labs Tests before Surgery |

For any procedure under anesthesia a coagulation test is important,
affirms Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Medical Director of the Burn Center at
South Miami Hospital.

Another analysis should include check blood levels, electrolytes,
chest X-ray and, maybe, EKG (Electrocardiogram).

It’s important to see a certified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic
procedures, he says.


What kind of lab tests should patients expect to have before they undergo any procedure? > Yeah. So any… any surgical intervention well you’re gonna go under anesthesia you should be expecting to have procedures where they count your coagulation which is how long it takes for your blood to stop bleeding. That’s very important making sure what your blood levels are. to make sure cuz there’s gonna be some blood loss so you want to make sure you have good healthy blood levels, and your electrolytes it’s kind of your chemicals in your body that will tell you how you will respond to the anesthesia or medications that you’re going to be given while undergoing the intervention. You probably will also be getting a chest x-ray and maybe even an EKG, depending on how old you are, as well. > Is there any reason why there have been instances that I’ve heard about where people will say that the doctor did not request any tests or clearances I can’t see that for the life of me that you you have to have that if you have a reputable surgeon. > So there will be in situations where you’re going to have an intervention perform what local anesthesia and it’s something very small or localized there’s a possibility that you can have something minor done in an office you’re gonna go under the operating room and you’re gonna have general anesthesia or sedation you have to have those labs depending on the age of the patient there’s some tests that might not mean needed like an EKG or a chest x-ray, in younger patients and a lot of those are the guidelines as per the American Association of anesthesia. What are the let’s say very quickly three most important questions that someone should ask of a plastic surgeon when they are going in deciding that this is the person I want to do my work. > I think one is it board-certified that the patient trained does a patient does do does the does the doctor is the doctor credential and any other local hospitals where you live by and if there’s a complication or anything how do I follow up with you and I think those would probably be some of the most important things.

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