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Dr. Anthony Bared, Facial Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains they have low-level laser light therapy in form of in-home devices, that are essentially baseball caps that you wear for 30 minutes a day and it helps to stimulate the follicles.

“The laser just penetrates into the scalp deep enough to affect the hair follicle and allows the thickening of miniaturized hair.”


Let’s go over one non-surgical option which is a laser so can you tell us about lasers and how they work with hair loss low-level laser light therapy has has been fda-approved since 2007 for actually for the safety of it so they’ve been found to be safe for patients there’s there multiple entities of low-level laser light therapy it initially started and I think we’ve all seen those commercials of the hair comb where you actually hold a comb over your hair and what it does is it’s a laser emitting device now we have in-home devices which are essentially baseball caps that you wear typically about 30 minutes a day and those in the same manner helps to stimulate the follicles the laser just penetrates into the scalp deep enough to affect the hair follicle and what that allows is for the thickening of miniaturized hair and that’s 30 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day about three days a week or at least every other day and again hair loss benefits are not seen for at least six months or even up to a year after so all these treatments have to be at least used for or you have to be compliant with them for six months to a year what kind of results do you see who patients who choose this ll ot very good I mean it’s something that and results is an important term because a good result in hair loss is number one the slowing down of the shedding and number two is the thickening of existing hairs so those are good results right oftentimes it’s a little tricky because a patient for instance a good result may be that they see themselves a year and a year a year later where they were a year before so they haven’t noticed a progression of hair loss to me that’s a good result because you haven’t noticed any hair loss over the course of the year so that means that whatever you’re doing is slowing down the progression of the hair loss because you would otherwise have been worse off right a year you

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