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Learning about Prenatal Care |

Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, affirms prenatal care is so important, because women are preparing for the whole pregnancy and learn about what to expect for the birthing process. The specialist says women must know there is a lot of variation to expect really anything.


When they come in and it is the first one, which is the most trying time. You are concerned and it is new and you can read the books. When the baby comes, you throw the books away and that is the reality. That is how you learn. How do you prepare them?, and talk to them about getting ready that, this can happen and this is what you are going to feel?, this must be a long process, and you go the extra mile.> absolutely. That is why the prenatal care is so important. You’re coming in for visits and you are preparing them throughout the pregnancy as to what to expect for the labor and birthing process. To be educated is what is most important. there is no doubt that what one woman would experience is not what another woman would experience. I know you have delivered babies in two minutes and some have lasted what?. huge variation. Labor can be very quick. It can go on for days. You have to know there is a lot of variation and expect realy anithing.

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