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People with low cholesterol who have elevated triglycerides may be at risk of heart disease, affirms Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, Deputy Chief of Cardiology with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute.
He also explains LDL cholesterol is the particle taking the cholesterol into the arteries.
The ideal numbers are: LDL cholesterol, under 130 and must be below 190 and triglycerides ideally below 150, the doctor says.


What level should our our numbers be I their triglycerides your HDL your LT okay so clearly there’s data going back decades that when you look at populations those that have lower triglyceride levels tend to have lower rates of heart disease and we’ll talk about some of the concepts why that’s the case and cholesterol as well cholesterol levels tend to translate to lower heart disease but it’s not absolute and they’re related for example people with low cholesterol who have elevated triglycerides still may be at risk even though the doctor may say we cholesterol is fine don’t worry about it so they still are markers of risk so what are the levels when we look at populations of people and we test the triglyceride and cholesterol levels we get what’s called a bell curve distribution which is the majority of people in this range there’ll be some people genetically or for other reasons have very low levels right high levels but the majority are in this range we’d like the cholesterol on the LDL the low-density lipoprotein particle which is I say the term bad cholesterol and I kicked myself because there’s only cholesterol there’s no bad or good right it’s bad if it’s going on if it’s going into your arteries that’s how we learn at LDL and HDL so the marker is the HDL particle is kind of the particle taking the cholesterol out of the body so if a lot of your cholesterol zin the HDL we think of it as good because it’s not going into the arteries the LDL is the particle taking the cholesterol into the arteries right so there’s nuances to that but having said that you generally want your LDL cholesterol preferably under 130 definitely below 190 and the triglycerides ideally below 150 you

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