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Link Between Thyroid Hormones and Female Fertility |

Link Between Thyroid Hormones and Female Fertility

Thyroid problems are a prevalent issue among women, with three times the incidence of thyroid disease, as well as three times the likelihood of having a thyroid nodule and thyroid cancer compared to men. 

Despite extensive research, the reason for this disparity is still unknown. However, it is critical to understand how thyroid issues can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Both too much and too little thyroid hormone are associated with infertility, and controlling hormone levels during pregnancy is essential to ensure proper hormone growth in the fetus. 

Additionally, if a mother has thyroid issues during pregnancy, she may be at higher risk for spontaneous abortion, and it could affect the development of the child. While most thyroid nodules are benign, it’s essential to distinguish them from cancer and follow them for a lifetime. Checking thyroid hormone levels during the early phases of infertility workup is critical if you have thyroid problems. 

Though we still don’t know why women are more prone to thyroid issues, we do know how to manage them to ensure healthy pregnancies and children.

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