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Minimally Invasive Injections, Health Channel

When to use minimally invasive injections for back pain? Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, talks about the conditions or diseases affecting the spine that might require this type of injection to ease the pain.


Minimally Invasive Injections, Health Channel

Dr. Mena what are some conditions or diseases that affect the spine that might require an injection to ease the pain a bit so it can be the most common one that we see on a daily basis will be discrimination the discard this soft tissues that we have in between the bones themselves they typically they are the first one that they generate they’re the more common to cause problems so they tend to slip slip out come out and cause cause pain good news is that the condition itself has a favorable prognosis so a lot of time the discrimination tends to get reabsorbed by the body by the body itself so what we do the injection a lot of patient they have a good good outcomes from these injections because we’re bringing the inflammation the inflammatory process down so the body itself can take care of the rest which is regressing that the discrimination now order condition that can cause back problems will be the joints in the back which are there not being visualized over here which are called the facet joints they can become arthritic like this year like the shoulder like they need like the hip and they can be a source of pain other ones will be stenosis or narrowing where it’s not being visualized in the image in here so basically the space where the nerve are running or are going down or coming out from the spine it gets tight they can get tighter because of the buildup of arthritis they can pinch up on those nerve and they can cause like problems and those are often another common thing that we do injections for dr. Mona can you show us on the image they are aware with the injections be placed the injections depending on the area so there is different injections that we do it also depends on the area where the problem is coming out from so we see the patient we see the the image they match and we go ahead with injections so depending on the area so it is a an injection for them for the disc and the nerve basically we put the injection somewhere on here in between the different segments if it’s for the joints the joints are not there there’s not been visualized over here in the back of the of the spine over here it is an injector is a procedure that we need to do disc injection for whose call discography we go ahead and put the needle inside this structure here which is called a disc so depending on where the structure is we go ahead and we placing the injection using direct x-ray vision extra guidance

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