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Osteoporosis can be prevented, Health Channel

Doctor Jose Soza, Family medicine specialist at Baptist Health Primary Care, recommends patients a balanced diet, not smoking, moderate alcohol and vitamin D in order to prevent osteoporosis.

The specialists explains balanced diet includes more vegetables and, especially, white meats (fish, tuna, chicken, salmon) and there is a supplementation patients should be taking which is vitamin D.

For patients who are 65 years and older, the physician recommends 800 international units of vitamin D on a daily basis since this not only decreases the risk for falls but also decreases the risk for osteoporosis as well.

Walking and not smoking are other doctor’s recommendations. “Smoking is one of the risk factors for osteoporosis,” he says.


Osteoporosis can be prevented, Health Channel

What kind of foods might we eat that can also help keep our bones healthy and strong I will always recommend my patients a balanced diet that includes vegetables includes also meats especially white meats for instance fish tuna chicken Salman they’re very healthy but also there is a supplementation of vitamin that we all should be taking and that’s vitamin D vitamin D nowadays is recommended basically from breastfed babies until you get to be a hundred and plus years old so a supplementation of vitamin D on a daily basis at least 800 international units of vitamin D to patients 65 years and older is very important because this not only decreases the risk for falls but also decreases the risk for osteoporosis as well okay good to know we’ve talked about exercise and diet but I understand that there are some tips that you actually do have or can offer to help us manage osteoporosis and actually we have a graphic I guess that illustrates those you’re mentioning here doctor it starts off with eating protein calcium vitamin D nutritional supplements to stay active like we just talked about maintain that healthy weight lean on your doctor obviously your support system for this for your patients walking you don’t have to run a marathon walking is very important yes okay and don’t smoke smoking is a health problem in the u.s. I have patients that that smoke I have patients who smoke a pack a day and yes smoking is one of the risk factor for osteoporosis as well

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