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Overnight Oats: Recipe and Tips |

Overnight Oats: Recipe and Tips, Health Channel

Amy Kimberlain, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the overnight oats are putting in a glass rolled oats, chia seeds, a little bit of peanut butter, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla with milk.

The idea is to seal it up, put it in the refrigerator overnight and the next morning it is ready to drink. “The thing I did not add in was sugar. It has natural sugar from milk or oats.”


Overnight Oats: Recipe and Tips, Health Channel

I want to know about overnight oats and what type of oats how do you make it because you can make this at home absolutely and I actually just saw something being sold recently that’s done for you but this is so simple and easy to do I’m gonna take you through it so I brought in here the oats and these are rolled oats so a whole grain like the superintendent was talking about and now what I threw in were some chia seeds a little bit of peanut butter and cinnamon and a splash of vanilla I have the milk here to the side whichever milk that you’re choosing to use that’s flavor right there yeah that’s cinnamon vanilla yeah we’re making it boring I’m gonna tell me I’m gonna tell you how to switch it up in just a second – so now I’m just gonna pour the milk in and what it’s gonna do is the reason why it’s called overnight oats I’m gonna seal it up and I’m gonna put it in the refrigerator overnight right so now the next morning it’s ready to go so some people like to eat this cold some people like to eat this warm whatever your preference may be but again what we’re looking at here is to let it sit so that the oats are a little bit more soft in the morning and then again it could be edible immediately if you like it cold I personally like it a little bit warmed up and so what I’m gonna do the next morning tomorrow cause I’m already making mine here so I’ll go ahead and add a little more milk in and I’ll just heat it for just about a minute in the microwave and it’s ready to go and the great thing about it is it is portable this is amazing for on-the-go breakfast so there’s no little use of whether it’s your kids or whether yourself but you want to get a healthy meal this is a healthy meal on the go you got it and they the thing that I didn’t add in there if you’d saw Kathy or noticed was any added sugar so this has natural sugar from the carbohydrates whether it’s from the milk or the oats and then the way I did I left it simple today but this is where you get to create your own version and in that segment prior it was showing different ways that you could make overnight oats so now I could throw in some berries right now I could throw in some banana I’ll cut up its whatever you choose for it to be in as we’re entering fall maybe some cut up apples with more cinnamon right again now I have a different flavor and so it’s your way to create and make your own breakfast I love that you

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