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Gallstones can be developed during pregnancy, says Dr. Todd Mangione, General Surgeon with Homestead Hospital, but he doesn’t recommend their removal, unless the mom is coming in with multiple bouts of gallbladder attacks.

Fatty foods can be avoided for preventing gallstones, although if it’s considered “good fat”, the specialist explains.


Is there a correlation doctor between pregnancy and gallbladder removal. Definitely it’s pure physics when the uterus gets large in the in the third trimester basically it pushes the gall bladders we’ve shown that there it was close to the liver when when the uterus gets large it tips the gallbladder back and it’s just pure anatomy it’s more likely to reflux and concentrate more and more of the bile. And is there removal of that gallbladder during pregnancy? Well we really try not to with any kind of surgery during pregnancy there’s about a two or three percent chance with any kind of general anesthesia that we that not we but at the end anesthetic can cause a miscarriage we never want that to take place but we do take it out if if the mom is coming in with multiple bouts of gallbladder attacks or if they have a failure to thrive if they can’t put on the appropriate amount of weight that they need to keep the baby healthy then we’re forced. And if you do have gallstones what are some foods that you recommend us should be avoided. If you’re symptomatic with your gallbladder you definitely need to try and do a low-fat diet anything that I’ve had a lot of patients they’ll tell me oh my god anything gonna taste good now I can’t eat anymore it’s really fatty foods so you know ice creams you know cheesecake you have to be careful also some of the tricky ones are like salad dressing if they have fat in it because people are like all I had was a salad doc and I’m here in the ER. But you saturated it with that dressing. Well if you like salad like I do I like my ranch dressing it was like a snowstorm . It’s not the same without it right I understand and all of that has what that’s not good for you. It’s just toll of fat content it doesn’t matter if it’s a good fat or a bad fat we always talk about oh I want extra virgin olive oil verse peanut oil it doesn’t matter any kind of.

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