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Pregnancy: First Trimester and Miscarriage |

Pregnancy: First Trimester and Miscarriage, Health Channel

What are the causes of a miscarriage? Dr. Eduardo Valdes, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains how the baby is developing during the first trimester, and the anomalies that can cause an unfortunate situation, like a miscarriage.


Pregnancy: First Trimester and Miscarriage, Health Channel

Now let’s talk about the baby how is the baby developing during this first trimester like what are we seeing so in the first trimester obviously we’re having the implant the fertilization of the egg and sperm and then we have this embryo the embryo gets into the uterus the uterus will that’s where it sits where it will develop from the placenta and then develop into this neurologic B the heart will form the brain will form everything will start to form and then eventually as we get out of the first trimester you and you get the full development of the fetus now it’s we do have to mention that unfortunately one in ten women do suffer a miscarriage during the first trimester of their pregnancy what causes a miscarriage and is this common and what better way to avoid it unfortunately there are no ways to avoid it sometimes most of the most pregnancies are are lost in the early trimesters due to a genetic defect that occur an anomaly that occurs and so unfortunately many of those anomalies are just you know genetic things that we can’t control and so it’s an unfortunate situation sometimes when you encounter a patient who unfortunately has gone through this what are some of the things that you say to them to assure them that you know it’s doesn’t necessarily mean the dead end right right and so um you know we always assure them that there’s nothing they did wrong because there’s nothing that you can do unfortunately sometimes one plus one sometimes doesn’t equal two and so you know you you reassure them that this is a one-time thing and that hopefully you know we can get pregnant again and it won’t happen again but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to prevent the embryo from when it starts to separate you.

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