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Preventing Osteoporosis in Men |

Dr. Jose Soza, Family Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care, explains the bone deterioration.

He uses a digital imaging and says osteoporosis is just thinning out of the bone itself. The bone just becomes weak and it could be easily broken.

He advises taking vitamin D supplementation for providing some of sort of strengthening into the bone.


Now when we think of women many times we think of osteoporosis as being a main cause of problems later in life. But what kind of surprised me a little bit in the studies was osteoporosis also shows up in men as they get a little older. Why is that is that? Is that becoming more prevalent? > You know. Guidelines in the past have actually stressed out more the importance of screening women for osteoporosis rather than men. In reality the guidelines dual-screen females for osteoporosis there’s not a clear cut in regards to screening men for osteoporosis at this point in time. Why don’t we do this too because we have a bio digital here and we have a screen that you have right there to your left. So let’s show a little bit there about the osteoporosis here because this is what we’re talking about here, this is the bone deterioration in the femur. Correct? > Yes… yes. This is… This is a structural the inside of the bone the bone marrow basically osteoporosis is… is it’s just thinning out of the bone itself. The bone just become weak and it could be easily broken just maybe having an accidental fall, maybe just falling, walk into your car in the parking lot. If you have a very weak bone or an osteoporotic bone it would just easily be broken. > Is that the only way to diagnose though, is… If a bone breaks? or can you find out another way? No going back to vitamin D, this is why it is important to take vitamin D. Supplementation you could take a thousand or two thousand international units once a day, and depending on how low the levels are then we may take a higher dose but taking vitamin D does provide some sort of strengthening to the bone. To diagnose osteoporosis in the outpatient setting what we normally send out the patient to is for something called bone density ou-texas can. Which is what really tells us if the bone is in the osteopenia which is the prior stage or two osteoporosis.

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