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With a digital imaging of a spine, Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, explains where back pain happens.
He describes the disc itself is the number one cause of having back problems. He says normally people age start becoming a little weaker, they start losing some water content and becoming more prevalent into developing symptoms.
The doctor explains what sources can cause an acute pain.


Dr. Menna is standing next to an image of the spine to explain to us a little bit more on the area of the spine that causes the most back pain and why and what we can do about it dr. Menna yes so basically this is a lower back so this is a whole spine is the around the hip area here so we have the different segments here in the lower back so we have five so we have the bones which are these structures that we have here then in between the bones we have this soft tissue structure here which are called the disc the disc itself is the number one cause of having back problems so normally as we age that this starts becoming a little more weaker they start losing some water content so they become more prominent more prevalent into developing symptoms so that’s the first thing that starts wearing off for the for the for the most part eventually down the road then this joints they start becoming a little more acidic which are called the Cinco prophecy of the side joints they can become arthritic like the knee like the shoulder like the hip those joints can be another source of back problem so the disc can slip out and there’s a structure here that is it’s not here in the monitor but it’s coming out here it’s called a nerve so those actually they can compress that they can get compressed either between the disc or the or the joint and they can shoot you the pain going on like all of the clean is over here you might feel the pain going down here in that and then that and the Lexx motor source of back problems is basically the bone so as we age the bone they can they can compressed and develop fractures so normally the bones become more brittle that’s what we call osteoporosis and the bone itself just by a minor trauma or even sitting down spontaneously it can collapse and you can develop an acute pain so normally that will happen most of time we see that in practice in women over the age of 70 it’s a little more common and that can become a source of an acute back problem finally nonetheless we have this joint here called the sacroiliac joint that’s a notre sorcerer of a problem Norman those patients when they’re sitting or standing they they’re shifting their weight is kind of doing like the shots are there or the order to salsa and and then orders older sources less common basically here we call the tailbone or the coccyx region that can become inflamed they can develop coccyx pain or tailbone pain you

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