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Preventing Signs of Aging |

Dr. Judith Crowell, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, says skin has the ability to repair itself, and if you can protect it from damage, over time you can see improvement.

“In the dermis there is collagen, elastin. Unfortunately, as we get older that thins out. When that happens, we start seeing loss of the nice layer and dips that we start seeing as wrinkles.”


Doctor how much can we do to control or prevent signs of aging are there things we can do absolutely okay all right and some people don’t get nervous out there because people say oh my goodness it’s too late it’s already too late for me that’s what I’m probably thinking because I’ve done nothing I’ve been a bad girl but but you know how they say if you’ve been a smoker and if you quit smoking over a decade of time your lungs can return this is a non-smokers one well skin has the ability to repair itself too so if you can protect it from damage over time you can see improvement all right so when it comes to age yeah we see a lot of changes in our skin yeah I laugh because I’m just seeing so much every day I wake up in the morning I’m like that woman right there but there are wrinkles that we start noticing doctor age spots sometimes even scars with aging skin these all happen over time so to get a better understanding of how our skin changes we have a diagram of the skin the doctor now is at our 3d image wall doctor explain to us what happens in this graphic here okay well let me this particular graphic is telling you what the skin looks in a young healthy person so that’s not a little this is it’s not me either but just to let you know the things that we look at is that this very top layer is what we were talking about before the epidermis and that actually actually this whole area is really the epidermis from here to here this top layer is where the dead cells live and as we get older that tends to get thicker and drier mm-hmm this layer is the living cells of the epidermis and it comes all the way down around the hair follicle and these cells give nutrition are very important to the structure but even more importantly what holds up this epidermis is what looks like this clear space but that is the dermis and in the dermis is collagen and elastin and that is your structure and unfortunately as we get older that thins out and when that happens we start seeing loss of that nice layer and dips and that layers that we start seeing as wrinkles you

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