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Risk Factor of Arthritis, Health Channel

The main risk factors of arthritis are: age, gender, heredity, weight, injury, infection and, in some cases, job explains Dr. Ronald Tolchin, Medical Director of the Baptist Health Center for Spine Care.
He says even nobody can reverse aging, but he affirms it’s possible to slowdown some of the processes.
He advises their patients to have a healthy lifestyle: keeping weight down, keeping physically active and healthy diet.


Risk Factor of Arthritis, Health Channel

There are most doctors though and we’re gonna go through these we have a graphic and it would be great if you can walk us through some of these things like age, gender, I mean is age a big factor?.> Yeah these are unmodifiable risks, we’re all gonna get older fortunately and so what what happens as we get older the body starts to wear down, and these are not parts that are meant to last forever, again there are lots of ways to slow that down and perhaps we could talk in the future about anti-aging regimens and things like that, there are ways to slow it down no one can reverse aging, right you can slow down some of the processes, I think first and foremost you have to keep in mind a healthy lifestyle, and that’s what I have patients work on is a healthy lifestyle, keeping their weight down, keeping physically active and things like that, gender we can’t we can’t change either right so, so usually males and females have about the same risk of back pain up until about age 60, and then actually females have more incidents of back pain because of not just osteoarthritis but osteoporosis right which we talked about on former shows ,so that’s a demineralization of the bone, so that can increase the risk factors for compression fractures which I’ve talked about on prior shows as well, heredity you know we, we get a lot of things from our parents those are unmodifiable things again heredity,- and back pain you can, – yeah so there’s a slightly higher incidence of having more back pain if, if you have family history bang pain, weight that is a modifiable risk and that’s what I really focus on so if I can keep them as close to ideal body weight as possible, right then the risk goes down.> I like the last one your job tell me a little bit about that.> Physical labor for example would have a higher risk of having back conditions than someone who’s sedentary, but with the same caveat let me say that someone who sits at their desk for more than five hours a day has a higher risk of back pain.

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