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Spine & Back Care Dr. Gosha Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida discusses minimal invasive solutions for back pain! He listened to his patient, helped her, and now, she is living without pain.


Spine & Back Care, Health Channel

Like many people paolo’s story started with back pain pretty common but it got worse and worse and then she had so many surgeries finally one day she said no puerto mas in other words I can’t anymore that’s when she went to go see spine expert dr ghosha brucilvonic hear this amazing story I got a point that when I went to see dr brucevanik i was about to give up I was about to say you know what whatever happened happens and we talk about that doctor and I want to bring you in about you know no puerto mas i’m going to give up and when you came in and you saw her situation what did you do because this is complex she went through a lot yeah yeah she went through a lot look paola is a unique individual she’s she’s a really strong person a lot of people would have succumbed you know when you have this many operations and you’re not getting better you’re not getting better I mean think about it it’s just um I can I can i can see how tough that was oh my goodness um so you decided to do a disc replacement on her luca my end the job is pretty simple you know it’s straightforward he says that’s so humbling the job is really simple and it’s not because he’s just so good at what he does what what what I did was I listened to her and I figured out which nerve was involved she had pain going down the arm and we figured out which nerve was hurting and it was clearly coming from the level right below the fusion which is what 25 of patients get every 10 years after their effusion so this is not rocket science you find the nerve that hurts you send the patient for an injection and they get better so you confirm that indeed it’s that level now a lot of those patients after the injection just get better but paula didn’t she had an objective problem she had hypermobility next to a fusion which is what young people get so then I snuck in replaced that disc and she was better and how do you take the disc I mean you make it sound so easy doctor and i appreciate that but how do you take that disc out because i’m sure when you when you heard about what he was going to do did you kind of go like no beginners no yeah I already I already went to like the lumber surgery with him so I knew that I was in the best hands ever that’s absolutely right I was like whatever he will have to do he was going to do it fine so in layman terms doctor and I know it’s a procedure that it’s very intricate but how did how did you take the disc out can you explain that to us paint a picture if you will the thing is this most likely your viewers right now having breakfast and if I really paint you a true picture of what i’m doing you’re gonna lose some viewers I love it okay so let’s objectively objectively keep it simple right there’s no magic to it you remove the disc in its entirety and you just make that space look perfect you remove the compression from the nerve you remove the compression from the spinal cord and then you have a space there right maybe clean and beautiful but you can’t leave empty space so the classic thing is you put a big piece of plastic with screws and immobilize it the new thing to do is you size the space and you feel the perfect prosthesis you make sure it moves perfectly you make sure that there’s no bleeding and then you do a plastic surgery closure on the neck so the patient doesn’t walk around with a big gash that’s it and I want to add this is minimally invasive right it is so the trick is as opposed to the classic thing where you just sort of cut cut cut till you get to the spinal cord here I use a variant of essentially surgical q-tips but if you go just a little slower you can get to the same place without cutting anything so look i’m not unique to this technique i think you’ll see a lot of younger surgeons coming out of training doing things the same way all right I know we have some pictures of you before and after how did you feel after the surgery was the relief there right away oh who is that that’s my brother he’s handsome yeah yeah he he comes he’s almost true he has been through all my surgeries and look at the thumbs up this was like the i think this was the second the second that we did yeah I walk out of the hospital the day after and you felt better how was your recovery like this like that like that oh my goodness I think we are going to show the phone number real quick in case you have a question for paola or the doctor let’s show that to our viewers and that’s eight five five seven nine six four four seven five if you have a question for paola any concerns you may have or the doctor all right so we have a great story here of paola we’re gonna stick to our superstar right now she had multiple surgeries with dr brucevonick and we have a video of hers a month after her surgery take a look at this good morning good morning how are you doing are you screaming awesome how are you doing today oh my god oh my god better impossible you look amazing thank you so much here today for your follow-up like absolutely it is not even a month of my surgery oh my god so how many days today it will be if on friday will be a month well a month from the first surgery remember we’re three surgeries okay but i’m doing great well like you still remember how was the pain before the surgery oh my god it was you know like [Music] it was a mess and thank you thank you dr brusovani how are you feeling today you can see it is oh my gosh I am so emotional dr bruce avonik you’re a miracle worker that’s amazing to hear doesn’t that just fill your heart i mean that’s where I get up in the morning really really early and the tattoos she had by the way she just showed it to me let me see it real quick she did this right after her surgery for his office and it says have faith miracles are real it was dedicated to dr bill and the team of course thank you yeah is it this recovery is is it you know what you see from most patients that’s what I expect yeah like she’s not a miracle this is something that you expect from the patients yes look at you smiling thank you so much uh i do just want to remind our viewers like with any surgery we do have to let you know that there are risks that’s why you want to be in the best of hands right here but let’s show you those risks real quick and this is for any surgery for that matter you know reaction to anesthesia bleeding infection and nerve injury you know did you expect this kind of result I mean did you really think that you’d be that hyper happy girl again on the motorcycle after after you’re on a motorcycle right absolutely okay i just wanted to make sure you got those leather pants on yeah yeah that is my that is my passion like let me tell you after the lumber surgery that I did with dr bruce evan in 2017 and the results that I got I knew that this was a piece of cake for him so you know like we did great we did great we did great any advice for anyone look at these pictures how beautiful out there who could be suffering right now paola has thought about you know doing surgery not sure what would be your words of advice what a beautiful picture look at that well the the advice can I can give to people is never give up okay you know you always will find an angel a miracle worker like dr brusovani that it really will take serious your life and it will bring back hope to your life life is good absolutely how happy are we on a scale of 21. right now i’m a hundred and before we leave because I know we’re a little bit over i do want to share also with our viewers the the great work she’s doing now because of everything she’s experienced can I can I see that brace that you have absolutely she has a beautiful bracelet on it’s yellow and it’s for the children of saint jude and tell me what you’re doing for them well like uh um best buy does like a donation every year then all united states and for two years in a row I have been the highest donator for sanju and I have been imposed the golden pin and the platinum pin because of this so after my cert my cancer surgery i’m dedicated to help this and you the hospital with the kids with cancer so they can have to find a cure for them more less kids have to die that’s how it is god bless you what a pleasure to have you thank you so much do you have a motorcycle like do you own yes I do you have a harley no i have a yamaha house oh yamaha what color is it it’s a black one a black one can I go for a ride absolutely i’ve never been on a motorcycle yeah whenever you learn okay but can i can I be in the front like driving well if you know how to drive i will give it to you i’ve always done those room and i’ve never been on one oh yeah all right so that’s a date thank you so much you’re a miracle worker yes you’ve got so many titles i can’t give up isn’t this a great show i mean I don’t want to be biased but isn’t this a great show it’s a great show

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