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Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, advises to see a physician if patients in the morning have any symptoms of lower back pain.

He considers the best thing to do is refer patients with a physical therapist for a better morning exercise program.

He also talks about osteoarthritis and affirms it is going to happen at as people age.

He says there are statistics to confirm 34% of patients from age of 20 to 39 they will have bone degeneration or arthritic changes on the spine.


What about first thing in the morning if you have those spasms or your back is really tight then what is the best way to kind of stretch or when your before you get up should you do some twists in bed lift your legs I go get up right away bend over like what are you well normally depending obviously on the condition if it’s more of a disc issue normally it’s mainly stretching backwards normally that’s why that’s the importance of seeing their physician and especially getting a referral to a physical therapist so we can work out along with that without with with a patient to get them the right exercise program so they can build up from there and help themself to know which is the right exercise that they need to do immediately after they get out of bed and how do you explain conditions like osteoarthritis to patients Oh Sir Arthur itis we call that the wear and tear we call it a gray hair and something that was going to happen as we age we have statistics that people from the age of twenty to thirty nine thirty four percent of patients they will have a red degeneration or arthritic changes on the spine normally from the age of 40 to 49 54 54 percent of patients they will have it over the age of 60 over 90% of the patient they will have it so it’s something that is gonna happen so it’s something that we’re gonna expect an encounter on an x-ray so if you’re let’s say 50 and we get an x-ray and your provider tells you you have arthritis of the back don’t get surprised because it’s very likely to be encounter that causing your problem can or it cannot be sometimes may be some other things that can be causing your problems so it depends you

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