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The most common substance use disorders are alcohol use disorder (AUD), tobacco use disorder, cannabis use disorder, stimulant use disorder, hallucinogen use disorder, and opioid use disorder.

Christopher Irizarry, Vice President of Primary Health Care Services at Banyan Health Systems, says most people do not see tobacco as a drug, but it is nicotine, and most kids think vaping is not harmful because it is not a cigarette, but it is addiction to nicotine. He also points out people taking opioids do not know the level of addiction they were facing, and they are taking opioids for pain, not understanding the addictive properties they have.


Just talking about alcohol drugs they’re right we have a graphic to show you basically what that entails there’s different types of substances if we can walk through them alcohol tobacco cannabis which is right marijuana marijuana stimulant hallucinogen and opioids that’s a big one yeah yeah so one of the you know tobacco most folks don’t look at that as a drug but obviously is nicotine of course now you’ve seen the phenomenon of vaping especially amongst young kids which they think is not harmful because it’s not a cigarette well the reality is it’s an addiction to nicotine but when you talk about opioid use disorder that’s one of the ones that’s really it’s big it’s become an epidemic in the country and unfortunately you know folks who are being prescribed opioids when they hurt their back when they you know got into an accident without really understanding the level of addiction that they were facing and so a lot of folks really started taking opioids for for pain not knowing the addictive properties percussion write more about that in a few minutes in our next segment I did want to let our viewers know that there is a 24/7 crisis hotline and that’s always fantastic because there’s someone there 24 hours a day waiting for a phone call there is the number talked to me about that crisis hotline three oh five seven seven four three six one six what does it do okay one of the most troubling things is to be home alone yes and thinking that you’re struggling with an issue that has no solution and what we try to emphasize and we want people to know throughout Dade County is that caught that if you’re struggling if you’re if you’re depressed if you feel you’re alone if you just need someone to talk to please call the crisis hotline you know your life is very important to all of us whether you mayn’t believe it or not we care about your health your safety your well-being and all we ask you to do is pick up the phone and call the number you know life is very precious there’s so many things and life takes many many different turns you know today you might you may be down tomorrow you’ll be up but you know but the reality is there are people that are there that really truly care a lot of us really have our heart and so we don’t choose professions just for the salary we choose these professions because we really really care so we want folks to pick up that phone and call that number if they’re having a crisis you

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