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The sciatica is an acute episode. 90 % of the patients after up to three months might get better. However, Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, explains 50% of those patients have a recurrence of symptoms and describes in which case he can perform a surgery.


The sciatica bar is amongst patients we know that if it’s an acute episode most of the patients that are gonna get better time frame period might take in ninety percent of patient up to three months they might get better we know that there might be a 50% recurrence of symptoms within the next year if it’s left untreated so that’s why we proactively go ahead and treat those patients with an exercise program and some patients they can become chronic meaning more lasting more than three months or be unexpected period of time for that we know that should heal and those are the ones that require a little more prompt attention okay and when it’s a win do you know when you need surgery when is it okay surgery there’s two ways of determining surgery right away okay so in other patients they come to our clinic fearing that they might need surgery because they have back pain the hair they heard so-and-so that had they’re having back pain so in a general population without having any malignancy or any tumors or the masses in the spine that motor on surgery will be two type of patients the first one is they come to the clinic and they’re having a foot drop or dragging their foot or they have weakness in the arm if we’re talking about the neck that is basically a significant amount of compression that is causing the weakness that’s something that will require and the imaging confirms that were the weakness correspond to the level that is being affected in in the neck or back those our patient our surgical candidates the order type of patient that they and those are the less least amount of patients the most common one will be patient that they have undergone what we call contribute of care that means a physical therapy program they fail they had injections into the spine they fail they still persist with pain affecting their quality of life those are patients that they will require most likely a surgical intervention or might be or might be candidate for surgical intervention the most common one will be the the second the first ones are less likely to have someone who comes into the door dragging your face you

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